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Jewelry Care + Guide Tips

Repurposed designer jewelry 
Please note that all the designer pieces are vintage pieces so they require more care in order to prolong their life. When they are not in use, store them in  a box or pouch and put it away in a dry and dark area.
Do *not* use any water, oils, perfume, soap or harsh chemicals.
If it is quite dirty, you can also gently brush it with the bristles of a toothbrush.  When they are not in use, put it away in a dry and dark area. Do not keep the jewelry out and exposed.
Shop Canela Vintage is not responsible for the maintenance of your jewelry. 
18K Gold Filled chains:
Gold Filled will last longer, has 100x more gold than gold plated and it’s hypoallergenic.  One of the most noticeable advantages of gold filled jewelry products is their durability. They don't wear out quickly, don't tarnish and don't peel or flake off with time. If gold filled jewelry is properly care it could
last several decades.
You are able to wear the jewelry in the shower (it's water safe), however, avoid any harsh chemicals, lotions, pools or soaps coming in contact with your jewels as these could shorten the life of your jewels. When not wearing the jewelry, please store the jewelry in the box or bag it comes with and put it in a dry and dark area. Do not keep the jewelry out and exposed. 
I hope this information is useful and helps you to make a a better purchasing decision.
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